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Rules & Regulations


Group Matches: to be played on Saturdays between October 7th – November 26th, 2016

  • Abu Dhabi Group Matches: October 8th, 15th and 22nd
  • Fujairah Group Matches: October 22nd and 29th
  • Sharjah Group Matches: October 29th, November 5th and 12th
  • Al Ain Group Matches: November 5th and 12th
  • Dubai Group Matches: November 12th, 19th and 26th


Finals Matches: to be played on January 21st and February 4th, 2017


Divisions, Venues & Timings (Subject to Change)

Dubai: The Sevens Stadium – Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sharjah & NE: The Sevens Stadium – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Abu Dhabi : New York University (Abu Dhabi) – Saturday: 9am-4pm

Al Ain: Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting & Golf Club – Saturday: 9am-4pm

Fujairah: Fujairah Sports Complex – Saturday 9am-4pm


Age Group and Specific Rules

  U14 & U16
Players 8-a-side
Pitch Size Width (m) 35 – 45m
Pitch Size Length (m) 50 – 60m
Subs Unlimited

(Roll on Roll Off)

Time (min) 2 x 20 minutes
Offside No offsides
Match Day Squad 12 max
Size of the ball Size 5

Registration Rules

  • All teams must be registered by Thursday, September 15th, 2016 to secure a spot in the league.
  • Each team must submit their full squad list no later than Sunday September 25th ALL player registrations must be completed online with the provided link upon confirmation of your attendance.
  • Please note ALL players must submit their application online with attached photo and valid ID
  • All U14 players must be born on or after 1st September 2002
  • All U16 players must be born on or after 1st September 2000
  • Players are allowed to play in 2 age groups as long as there is no clash in fixtures. To be determined once the final fixtures are in at the league committee discretion.
  • The competition is for boys only.

Emirates Islamic National School League Format

  1. The league format will be as follows:
  • 3pts for a win
  • 1pt for a draw
  • 0pts for loss
  • In the event of a no show the opposition team will be awarded a 5-0 walkover

2. Final league positions will be determined initially through points, then goal difference, then the result in the fixture between the 2 teams in question, then goals scored and finally goals against. Should the position still be undecided, it will be awarded on the basis of a penalty shootout

3. The top 3 positions in both Dubai groups, and the Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Group will qualify for the finals. The top 2 placed sides from the Fujairah and Al Ain Groups will also qualify for the finals.

4. If you know your team is unable to fulfill fixtures on set days please inform the league committee at least 2 week in advance. Where possible we will try to accommodate.

5. Red and Yellow cards will be implemented into U14 and U16 age groups. Where possible the referees are asked to give the players the benefit of the doubt and keep the match 8 V 8

  • In the event a player does receive a red card the player is available to play in the teams following match. In the event the player is sent from the field for a very serious violent or abusive action, the league reserves the right to suspend the player for up to 3 matches.
  • There will be no sanction for a player if they receive yellow cards in consecutive matches, or multiple yellow cards during the group stage

6. Shin pads must be worn at all times.

7. Kick off to be determined by the toss of a coin.

8. Should there be a clash of shirts and neither team wishes to change, a coin toss will determine that of which the loser shall where the bibs provided by the league organizer

9. All teams are required to be ready at the scheduled fixture time. Should a team not be ready to start at the allotted time, they will be penalized 1 goal for every 10 minutes late. If the team is more than 20 minutes late for the allotted start time, the match will be forfeited and a 5 – 0 walkover will be awarded to opposition. Decisions are entirely at the league committee’s discretion.

10. Should a team wish to lodge an official complaint then this must be done in the window of 30minutes upon completion of the game in question.

  1. The top 16 teams for the UAE will qualify for the knockout finals series:
    – 6 x Dubai Teams
    – 3 x Sharjah
    – 3 x Abu Dhabi
    – 2 x Al Ain
    – 2 x Fujairah
  2. The 16 teams qualified for the finals will enter a knockout stage. The draw will be seeded depending on finishing position in group stage.
  3. In the event of a draw in any finals match, 2 x 5 minutes extra time will be played, with golden goal used to determine the winner. In the event of no goals scored during extra time, a penatly shootout will be used to determine the winnner. Each team will have 3 penalty takers, sudden death.


Sport 360 will provide medical support throughout the duration of the league in the form of 1 paramedic on site at all times. The Medical Zone will be clearly shown in the weekly site map sent to the coaches but if you have any doubt then please ask a member of the league committee.

General Rules

The implementation, interpretation and enforcement of rules are deemed to be final by the league committee. Any dispute of the rules should be advised to the league committee. All teams are bound to accept the rulings of The League Management.

Please refer to the Coaches Code of Conduct in Annex 1

The league committee reserves the right to change or modify rules of the league and implement disciplinary actions upon teams and/or individuals.

All participants are expected to have a basic understanding of the laws of the game of association football and have the physical competency and fitness to play the game



All players must obtain their own medical insurance to cover any/all medical support they may require while they are participating in the tournament.

Sport 360 accepts no liability or financial responsibilities for injuries or accidents sustained during the course of the league by any player, official or supporter.

All personal property brought to the league is entirely the responsibility of its owner. Sport 360 accept no liability or financial responsibilities for the loss or damage to property during the course of the league by any player, official or spectator.

Annex 1  – Players and Coaches Code of Conduct

Football is the international game. All those involved with the game at every level and whether as a player, or coach, have a responsibility, above and beyond compliance with the law, to act according to the highest standards of integrity, and to ensure that the reputation of the game is, and remains, high.

Code of Conduct for Coaches

Coaches are key to the establishment of ethics in football. Their concepts of ethics are their attitude that directly affects the behaviour of players under their supervision. Coaches are, therefore, expected to pay particular care to the moral aspect of their conduct.

Coaches have to be aware that almost all of their everyday decisions and choices of actions, as well as strategic targets, have ethical implications.

It is natural that winning constitutes a basic concern for coaches. This code is not intended to conflict with that. However, the code calls for coaches to disassociate themselves from a “win-at-all-costs” attitude.

Increased responsibility is requested from coaches involved in coaching young people. The health, safety, welfare and moral education of young people are a first priority, before the achievement or the reputation of the school, coach or parent.

  1. Coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of each and every person and treat each equally within the context of the sport.
  2. Coaches must place the well-being and safety of each player above all other considerations, including the development of performance.
  3. Coaches must adhere to all guidelines laid down by the NSL.
  4. Coaches must develop an appropriate working relationship with each player based on mutual trust and respect.
  5. Coaches must not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  6. Coaches must encourage and guide players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  7. Coaches must ensure that the activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of players.
  8. Coaches should, at the outset, clarify with the players (and, where appropriate, parent) exactly what is expected of them and also what they are entitled to expect from their coach.
  9. Coaches must co-operate fully with other league officials in the best interests of the player.
  10. Coaches must always promote the positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play) and never condone violations of the NSL Laws
  11. Coaches must consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance.
  12. Coaches must not use or tolerate inappropriate language.


Code of Conduct for Players

Players are the most important people in the sport. Playing for the school team, and for the team to win, is the most fundamental part of the game. But not winning at any cost Fair Play and respect for all others in the game is fundamentally important.

A player should:

  1. Make every effort to develop their own sporting abilities, in terms of skill, technique, tactics and stamina.
  2. Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance during a game, even if their team is in a position where the desired result has already been achieved.
  3. Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.
  4. Avoid all forms of gamesmanship and time-wasting.
  5. Always have regard for the best interests of the game, including where publicly expressing an opinion on the game and any particular aspect of it, including others involved in the game.
  6. Not use inappropriate language.

Obligations towards one’s own team

A player should:

  1. Make every effort consistent with Fair Play and the NSL Laws to help their own team win.
  2. Resist any influence which might, or might be seen to, bring into question their commitment to the team winning.

Respect for the Laws of the Game and competition rules

A player should:

  1. Know and abide by the Laws, rules and spirit of the game, and the competition rules.
  2. Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally.
  3. Resist any temptation to take banned substances or use banned techniques.

Respect towards Opponents

A player should:

  1. Treat opponents with due respect at all times, irrespective of the result of the game.
  2. Safeguard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid violence and rough play, and help injured opponents.

Respect towards the Match Officials

A player should:

  1. Accept the decision of the Match Official without protest.
  2. Avoid words or actions which may mislead a Match Official.
  3. Show due respect towards Match Officials.

Respect towards Team Officials

A player should:

  1. Abide by the instructions of their Coach and Team Officials, provided they do not contradict the spirit of this Code.
  2. Show due respect towards the Team Officials of the opposition.

Obligations towards the Supporters

A player should:

  1. Show due respect to the interests of supporters.